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Interested in making a skydive?

  • Skydive Deep Creek in Maryland offers a number of options for your first skydive.  If you’re just looking to get your knees in the breeze, then the normal Tandem Skydive would be your best option; however, if you would like more responsibility, we do have options for you!  The Ultimate Tandem option includes an hour and a half ground school covering in detail how this skydive will be conducted. You will be given an altimeter and the chance to open the parachute yourself, as well as steer it to landing.  If you choose to continue after this, you will receive a coupon for a FREE solo first jump course!

  • Skydiving through the air at 120 miles per hour can put you in a precarious position, so it’s important to be prepared and in the company of those who are prepared too! Learning the necessary skydive techniques and skills is the first step. Skydive Deep Creek in Maryland uses only the latest student gear and techniques for your training.  We strive to provide a one on one training model that focuses on getting you to meet the standards to achieve a USPA A license. Our Accelerated Student Progression consists of 4 stages taking your from your very first jump, all the way to formation skydives!

  • Already have your USPA Skydiving license? Check out what we have to offer! Between the Potomac River and the beautiful mountain scenery, everyone can find a reason to stay and skydive. We have the BEST views of just about any skydiving dropzone in the area.  We have a conveniently located grass landing area that is only a couple hundred feet from the hanger along with a separate larger student landing area just slightly further away.

What Makes Us Better?

At Skydive Deep Creek in Maryland, we are experienced professionals who have earned an excellent reputation through years of operation through out the country. Moreover, we are a veteran owned and operated business, and many of our instructors are former or current military. Furthermore, some of our instructors began their skydiving career in the military while serving in an Special Operations Airborne unit, learning how to skydive in high stress situations that leave little room for error.

We operate our skydiving center at the best location along the east coast! Cumberland, MD only 2 hours from Pittsburgh, Frederick, Baltimore and D.C. and less than 30 miles from Frostburg, Morgantown West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Skydive Deep Creek offers beautiful views of the lake and surrounding mountains, a vista that no other skydiving center in the east can compare. Whether you attend the University of Maryland or West Virginia University, we are conveniently located only 30 minutes away. Imagine student training or tandem skydiving, flying through the air with panoramic mountain views, including the Potomac River, Historic Cumberland, and the Appalachian Mountains.

Events & Specials

Gift Certificates may be purchased at a $15-30 discount using the DIVE SHOP link to the right.  They will typically be emailed to you the same day and are valid for one year.  Please read the FAQ page for full terms.

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